B2B sales transformation

with digital sales rooms

Offer an unmatched and informed buying experience to your prospects. Buyer personality insights help enhance sales content effectiveness and digital sales room collaboration features facilitate a collective buying process

What does our digital sales room software include?

Step into a world of cutting-edge features and seamless technology designed to empower your team, engage your clients, and elevate your sales.
Unleash the Potential of Our Sales Acceleration Platform

Sales mutual action plan

Share mutual action plan with buyers to align milestones. Share private mutual action plan with internal team for cross functional collaboration

  • add seller-buyer mutual action plan
  • add internal action plan for team collaboration
  • measure progress on internal and external goals
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Keep it conversational

Multi channel communication keeps your sales team connected with buyers. Identify ideal time for follow up with real time notifications

  • Built in chat and email notifications
  • Trigger phone calls
  • Add meeting scheduling link
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Your Success Story Begins Here

Add internal & external stakeholders

Allow prospects to add their buying committee to your digital sales proposal. Add internal team members privately to collaborate on the sale

  • add mutual action plan with buyer
  • add private internal action plan
  • track progress on timelines and goals
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Elevate Your Sales Strategy

Identify buying intent

Get valuable insights into the buyers engagement level with your sales proposal. Mutual action plan progress track deal progress

  • Mesure time spent on proposals
  • Discover buying committee added to proposal
  • Track progress on sales mutual action plan
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Offer your b2b buyers a shopping cart buying experience

Progressive B2B sales organizations consider simplifying their buyer's journey as a serious part of their GTM strategy
Owner Copmany

"Dealintent has been instrumental in helping us meet our FY 23 revenue goals"

Ayush Parasar
Co-Founder, ReferScout
Owner Copmany

"Dealintent is very useful in identifying deals that are most likely to convert"

Subh B.
CEO,  Bencos Research Solutions
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"Dealintent has simplified our sales outreach activities"

Vivek Srivastava
Rated 5 Stars on G2Crowd

Frequently asked questions.

What is a digital sales room?

A digital sales room is an online platform or virtual space where sales teams can remotely conduct sales interactions, presentations, and collaboration with potential buyers. It enables sellers to showcase products, share documents, and engage in real-time conversations with prospects, all within a digital environment.

How does a digital sales room work?

Digital sales rooms leverage technology to create a virtual sales environment accessible to sellers and buyers. Sellers can upload and share sales materials, conduct presentations, and interact with prospects through video calls or chat features. On the other hand, buyers can access the room using a web link, join live sessions, and view shared content, making the sales process more efficient and engaging.

What are the benefits of using a digital sales room?

A digital sales room offers several advantages, including increased sales efficiency, reduced travel costs, and improved collaboration between sales teams and buyers. It allows for personalized and interactive selling experiences, better tracking of buyer engagement, and the ability to reach a broader audience irrespective of geographical boundaries.

How can a digital sales room enhance sales performance?

A digital sales room can significantly enhance sales performance by providing a centralized platform for sales teams to access and share relevant sales materials. It enables sellers to tailor pitches to individual buyers, monitor buyer interactions in real-time, and gain valuable insights into buyer behavior, ultimately leading to more effective and successful sales conversions.

Is a digital sales room secure?

Reputable digital sales room platforms prioritize security to protect sensitive sales information and buyer data. They typically employ encryption protocols, secure access controls, and ensure compliance with data protection regulations, providing a safe and confidential space for sales interactions.