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Dealintent helps you identify and engage buyers that are most likely to convert. Quickly consolidate content and communicate with stakeholders with digital sales rooms
Dealintent Digital Sales room for B2B sales enablement


Dealintent integration with Zoho CRM

Deal with the right leads, faster.

Don't just close more deals, close more profitable deals!

Buyer insights are key to making conversions and maximizing revenue. Dealintent, uses AI insights to identify buyer personalities and easily tailor digital sales rooms to keep your conversions soaring. With buyer insights and accurate forecasts, you can get the most out of your precious time and improve conversion rates while bringing joy to each buyer experience.

Seamless Integrations

Integrate with your favourite products in minutes with just a few clicks
Dealintent integration with Salesforce CRM
Dealintent integration with ACT CRM
Dealintent integration with ActiveCampaign
Active Campaign
Dealintent integration with Close CRM
Dealintent integration with Copper CRM
Dealintent integration with Fleximail
Dealintent integration with Google Contact
Google Contact
Dealintent integration with Hubspot CRM
Dealintent integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Microsoft Dynamics
Dealintent integration with Pipedrive CRM
Dealintent integration with Salesflare CRM
Dealintent integration with Teamleader CRM
Dealintent integration with Zendesk Sell
Zendesk Sell
Dealintent integration with Zoho CRM
Zoho CRM

It's not a meeting, it's a deal

Engage your buyers and show them you care with a personalized and fully-branded digital sales room. Instead of back-and-forth emails with attachments, create an engaging and omnichannel experience. With Dealintent, your buyers can engage with your content and communicate with you in one place— make a great first impression!
  • Share meeting summary & content in minutes
  • Map content to buyer personality & deal stage
  • Align on goals with mutual action plan
  • Follow-up on deals without being intrusive
  • Create a multi-channel line of communication
Sales post meeting follow up with Dealintent
b2b sales mutual action plan with Dealintent

The power of collaborative buying

Empower buyers with easily accessible content in digital sales rooms. Give your leads the confidence they need to make an informed decision and for seamless internal collaboration. Ensure a deal-related content is at their fingertips. They can invite other stakeholders & collaborate with the seller effortlessly. Your leads will feel empowered and more confident buying from you.
  • Avoid cold email and call follow ups
  • Allow buyers to add stakeholders
  • Avoid frustrating attachments, links and downloads
  • Prioritise the top engaged leads
  • Start account based selling in the real sense

Forecast with confidence

With Dealintent, sales teams and sales managers are able to view buyer insights and engagement metrics in one efficient centralized dashboard. This allows for more accurate forecasts of deals that are likely to convert into revenue - a dream come true for any sales team or manager. Dealintent connects with your  sales CRM and helps your team focus on the deals most likely to convert.
  • Sync with your favourite sales CRM
  • Gauge interest based on times viewed and time spent
  • Discover intent based on stakeholders invited
  • Use AI-based personality insights for follow ups
  • Identify champions and detractractors
identity high intent deals with Dealintent
sales team operational efficiency with Dealintent

Minimize operational legwork

With Dealintent, say goodbye to complicated and time-consuming buyer follow-ups! Sales teams can easily send out meeting notes and presentations at the click of a button - no more playing email tetris with attachments and links. This efficient communication process minimizes grunt work and empowers sales teams to focus on the high-intent deals that are more likely to convert into revenue. Everyone wins!
  • Share hyper-personalised sales content in minutes
  • Follow-up in conversational style without being intrusive
  • Identify and access the top converting sales content
  • Follow-up  more efficiently than on cold calls & emails
  • Get notified & stay in touch real-time

How much does your team waste on bad deals?

Get your sales team in the game

"I'm able to get in touch with my deals just when they need me"
"Dealintent helps me focus my time on the right leads."
"I love being able to follow up with potential deals quickly and easily."
shortened follow up cycle
improvement in forecast to closed won
USD 30,000
saved per year per rep
improvement in win rate
identify and convert high intent deals with Dealintent