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Dealintent uses built- in integrations that improve sales force effectiveness by eliminating time and effort spent on manual research. Artificial intelligence sources valuable insights with a few clicks

What does our digital sales room software include?

Step into a world of cutting-edge features and seamless technology designed to empower your team, engage your clients, and elevate your sales.

Integrate with leading CRM's

Our digital sales room software integrates with leading sales CRM's like, Hubspot, Salesforce, Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics, Close and more

  • Enrich contacts
  • Enrich companies
  • Get LinkedIn insights
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Discover buyer personality

Our  AI finds out everything that you need to know about your buyer including their personality saving your hours of manual work

  • uncover buyer background
  • discover buyer personality
  • match your pitch to the buyer personality
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Add buyer brand assets

Built in automations auto populate your buyers brand assets into your digital sales room proposal for that "on-brand" experience

  • Auto generate logos
  • Add personalization tokens
  • Add custom desing elements
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Eliminate manual work with AI

Dealintent generates most of the information that you need to make a stellar sales pitch. Save time on finding logos, LinkedIn and web research

  • Helps SDR's qualify appointments
  • Helps account executives qualify deals
  • Identifies deals worth following up on
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Accelerate your ROI with Dealintent's Digital Sales Room

With Dealintent, you're stepping into a world of high-velocity sales, where serious sales experts and savvy entrepreneurs come together from all corners of the globe.

Sud Parasar

CEO ReferScout
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Dealintent has been instrumental in helping us meet our FY 23 revenue goals

Subh B.

CEO Bencos Research Solutions
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“Dealintent is very useful in identifying deals that are most likely to convert”

Vivek Srivastava

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“Dealintent has simplified our sales outreach activities”

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What is a digital sales room?

A digital sales room is an online platform or virtual space where sales teams can remotely conduct sales interactions, presentations, and collaboration with potential buyers. It enables sellers to showcase products, share documents, and engage in real-time conversations with prospects, all within a digital environment.

What are the benefits of using a digital sales room?

A digital sales room offers several advantages, including increased sales efficiency, reduced travel costs, and improved collaboration between sales teams and buyers. It allows for personalized and interactive selling experiences, better tracking of buyer engagement, and the ability to reach a broader audience irrespective of geographical boundaries.

Is a digital sales room secure?

Reputable digital sales room platforms prioritize security to protect sensitive sales information and buyer data. They typically employ encryption protocols, secure access controls, and ensure compliance with data protection regulations, providing a safe and confidential space for sales interactions.

How does a digital sales room work?

Digital sales rooms leverage technology to create a virtual sales environment accessible to sellers and buyers. Sellers can upload and share sales materials, conduct presentations, and interact with prospects through video calls or chat features. On the other hand, buyers can access the room using a web link, join live sessions, and view shared content, making the sales process more efficient and engaging.

How can a digital sales room enhance sales performance?

A digital sales room can significantly enhance sales performance by providing a centralized platform for sales teams to access and share relevant sales materials. It enables sellers to tailor pitches to individual buyers, monitor buyer interactions in real-time, and gain valuable insights into buyer behavior, ultimately leading to more effective and successful sales conversions.


What is a digital sales room?

Digital sales room software allow sales teams to share sales related content with buyers smartly and efficiently with a single link instead of multiple email attachments and downloads. According to a recent report by Gartner there is a global shift in customer preference from in-person sales meeting to digital channels and digital sales rooms help sales reps make the best use of the buyer attention span during the sales cycle. While there are a handful of digital sales room software in the market, Dealintent digital sales rooms stand out due to the following reasons :
1. Easy to use user interface and quick launch time (you can set it up and share your first digital sales room in minutes).
2. Comprehensive feature set at a cost effective price point. Free trial available for both startup and scale teams.
3. AI enriched lead personality insights that empower sales teams to send hyper personalized sales presentations.
4. Integration with leading sales automation tools including leading sales CRMs like Hubspot, Salesforce, ACT CRM, Active Campaign, Close CRM, Copper CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, Pipedrive CRM, Salesflare CRM, Teamleader CRM, Zendesk Sell CRM, Zoho CRM and more.
5. Curated workflow mapped to the sales methodology used by b2b sales teams, SaaS sales teams & enterprise sales teams handling enterprise deals.
6. Built in sales mutual action plan and deep insights into the buyer journey and buyer engagement, allowing sales teams to identify high intent deals in their sales forecast and maintain a high sales velocity.
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Who can use digital sales rooms?

Digital sales rooms are ideal for sales managers and revenue operation leaders leading b2b sales teams, SaaS sales teams or enterprise sales teams. Sales teams that use sales automation tools and are interested in sales enablement software that can improve their sales velocity should consider adding digital sales rooms to their sales automation technology stack. Sales teams based on their role and the size of their team can leverage digital sales rooms for the following :
1. Individual Sales Reps - Use AI personality insights to uncover the buyer preferences. Use digital room templates to send personalized and branded videos, notes, case studies etc. in minutes after the first call and throughout the buyer journey. Share a mutual action plan with the buyer to align on the outcome. Keep a tab on interested prospects based on their engagement level inside the digital sales rooms and progress on the sales mutual action plan. Follow up with prospects at the right time based on their activity history. Avoid wasting time on disengaged deals and prioritize the highly engaged deals that have a high intent to buy. Discover hidden engaged deals without having to go through all CRM deals everyday. Forecast deals with confidence during sales forecasting meetings.
2. Sales leaders - Add a visual sales intelligence layer to CRM data. View engagement level of deals across the sales organization. Add non sales team members to accelerate deals. Forecast not only based on sales CRM logs but based on real time buyer engagement insights. Identify best performing sales content and report to marketing. Drive data driven sales forecast meetings. Improve sales onboarding, sales training, sales coaching. Improve sales playbook and sales methodology. Improve sales planning and forecasting to maintain a high sales velocity.
3. Founder led sales / small teams - Operationalize sales presentation, follow up and closing process. Use the content library to identify, add and share performing presentations without having to juggle tools like Canva, Google Drive, Dropbox, Docsend etc. Get visual insights into the high intent buyers without having to waste time on follow ups. Hyper personalize pitch and presentation using AI to get the best value out of the time spent.

What are the benefits of using a digital sales room?

Whether you are in b2b sales, SaaS sales, enterprise sales or an agency, adding digital sales rooms to your sales automation and sales intelligence stack can give you some distinct advantages, Some of them are listed below
1. Streamline - Whether you need to share a file, a link, a video, a testimonial, a video message etc. you no longer have to send them over multiple emails, attachments and links. Your buyer receives a single link from you and everything that you wish to share with the buyer across the buyer journey can be added to the same digital sales room accessible with the one link that you shared. When your buyers need to involve other stakeholders in their team for decision making, they do not need to scramble through email attachments, they can simply invite them to the same digital sales room you had shared. Both the seller and the buyer can contact each other whenever they need to via chat, meeting, calls etc. via the same digital sales room. When you add a sales mutual action plan to your digital sales room, it becomes even easier for both the buyer and the seller to be aligned and reminded about expectations and milestones leading to a smoother selling and buying experience.
2. Optimize - Digital sales rooms allow you to follow the buyer journey closely and keep a tab on the buyer engagement level. You get visual insights into how many times your sales proposal has been viewed and for how long, who else did your buyer add to view your proposal, what parts of the proposal is your buyer most active in, what is the progress on the sales mutual action plan and more. These insights allow you to identify your high intent deals from the disengaged ones and you can prioritize your time to follow up on the deals with higher buyer engagement instead of spending time on your entire sales funnel. Apart from helping you in effective sales planning and forecasting, it also gives you critical insights into whether your b2b sales teams should be spending the month following up on the existing sales pipeline or should shift focus to finding new deals.
3. Personalize - Personalization is key not only in enterprise sales but across the board. You don't want to send emojis to a prospect who only prefers direct one liners. The AI personality enrichment feature in Dealintent plays a key role in ensuring that that the messaging used by your sales team in their sales presentations and sales proposals is line with the prospects personality and taste. Built in automated branding functionalities inside Dealintent ensure that 90% of the branding elements that need to be added to a digital sales room before sharing are taken care of and all that your sales team member has to do is review and add their personal touch.
4. Insights - Using a digital sales room as part of your sales automation stack will you critical insights into your buyer personality, buyer behavior, buyer team and overall buyer journey. The content library allows your team to quickly access the latest content from marketing. Conversion statistics from shared content help you identify the best converting marketing content. Buyer engagement analytics allow you to identify what parts of the sales content are the most effective. Buyer engagement history, visit time and duration help you identify when your buyers are the most active and potentially the best time to follow up. Stakeholders added to the digital sales room by the buyer give you insights into what makes up the buying team in your buyer organization. This can be very effective if you selling enterprise deals and follow an account based sales strategy. If your sales team needs to multiple products, upsell, upgrade the insights that you get from your first deal become even more valuable.
5. Reporting - Digital sales rooms are among the top sales intelligence software product that play a key role in revenue forecasting and creating an effective revenue prediction model for your b2b sales team. Dealintent integrates with the leading sales automation tools including leading sales CRMs like HubSpot, Salesforce, ACT CRM, Active Campaign, Close CRM, Copper CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, Pipedrive CRM, Salesflare CRM, Team leader CRM, Zendesk Sell CRM, Zoho CRM and more to add a visual layer to your pipeline forecasting instead of just CRM entries. Our visual revenue forecasting insights enable sales teams to improve their revenue prediction model based on buyer engagement level. Sales leaders get visibility into the engagement level of deals across their sales organization and can easily identify deals that have a high intent to buy.
6. ROI - An ideal way to measure the effectiveness of a sales organization is to measure the sales velocity of the sales team. HubSpot offer a very good explanation about sales velocity and we recommenced you check it out here. Once you are done looking up sales velocity, you can use this calculator to estimate the return on investment from a digital sales room platform like Dealintent.

How does a digital sales room work?

Dealintent is pretty straightforward and easy to use. You can sign up for a free trial, sync with your favorite sales CRM, use AI insights to enrich your sales CRM contacts, select a pre-built digital sales room template and send out your first digital sales rooms to your prospect in minutes. In-built automations handle effort-intensive tasks like adding brand content etc. making it easier to create highly personalized and branded digital sales rooms with minimal time and effort. The user interface and navigation are intuitive and designed to reduce the day-to-day workload for b2b sales teams. All subscription plans come with 24/7 support and select plans come with a dedicated customer success manager for one-to-one onboarding and support.

How much does digital sales room software cost?

Dealintent is currently the most cost effective digital sales room software in the market with a comprehensive feature set for the price point at which it is available. A solo user license costs $22.5 per month billed annually and team license start at a minimum 5 seats for $37.5 per user per month billed annually. A detailed price comparison for Dealintent digital sales rooms is available here. Most of the other digital sales rooms products like bigtincan, allego, dealpad, getaccept, seismic etc. start off at a higher price point, minimum user base or limited usage on lower plans.

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