Integrating a digital sales room into your existing sales and marketing strategy

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Sales and marketing teams have long been at odds. Sales teams want leads to be warmer before they're handed off, while marketing insists on casting a wide net to reach as many people as possible. But what if there was a way to bring these two worlds together? Introducing the digital sales room - a new way to integrate sales and marketing for better results.

Why you should consider a digital sales room

B2B sales teams have clear priorities - predictable pipelines, minimizing operational legwork, and building trust with prospects to name a few. A digital sales room can help you and your team maximize efficiency, identify high-intent leads, and ultimately improve brand image. Not only will a digital sales room empower you and your team to better engage prospects and create mutual action plans, but it will also reduce document clutter so you'll spend less time worrying about paperwork and more time using the data from the platform to identify converting content and discover buyer personalities. By understanding buyer consumption behaviors, you’ll be able to target customers more effectively, resulting in improved revenue achieved more quickly.

How to integrate a digital sales room into your existing strategy

The increasing use of digital and remote teams has created an ideal opportunity to incorporate digital sales rooms into everyday sales strategies. To ensure that your digital sales room is integrated smoothly, it is important to evaluate your current sales enablement tools, gather relevant content, and utilize existing customer relationship management (CRM) systems such as Hubspot and Salesforce. It is also important to assess the quality of interactions within the sales cycle and determine how you can streamline this process with easily shareable content. To encourage your team to use digital sales rooms, consider highlighting their benefits, such as improved forecast accuracy, increased pipeline conversions, and more effective conversations

The benefits of using a digital sales room

A digital sales room can help solve common sales challenges such as low engagement, difficulty identifying high-potential deals, and inaccurate sales forecasting. With a range of features designed to streamline sales efforts, a digital sales room can help you efficiently follow up with leads, quickly and easily measure engagement, understand buyer personality to tailor your outreach with relevant content, and reduce the clutter of emails and attachments. Equipped with a better understanding of buyer behavior, sales teams can make more intelligent follow-ups on their deals. It's no surprise that digital sales rooms are growing in popularity for these reasons.

How to set up your own digital sales room with Dealintent

Setting up a digital sales room with Dealintent is easier than wrangling your unruly stakeholders - no need to worry about the endless back-and-forth emails and Zoom calls. Simply add deals from your current CRM, use AI personality insights to map content to the unique buyer personality, and share highly personalized digital sales rooms with ease. Track engagement for each buyer, follow up with top engaged leads promptly, chat or book a meeting with them as needed, and even allow them to add stakeholders to the conversation. Cap it off by adding a mutual action plan so you both know where you stand, giving you accurate forecasts of what you can expect for the future of your sales team.

If you’re still not convinced that digital sales rooms are the way of the future, consider this: even if your sales reps make 50% fewer calls using a digital salesroom, they will still end up on more deals because they’ll be better qualified. And at the end of the day, isn’t that what we all want? If you’re ready to switch to digital sales rooms and get your reps on the right deals faster, Dealintent is here to help.

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