Here's How to Equip Field Sales Reps

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Improvements in modern technology, combined with an unprecedented global pandemic, means digital sales experiences are in high demand. This way of selling is the future, and the companies that adapt are the ones that will succeed.

Handshakes and pats on the back are here to stay, but companies must also equip field reps with digital sales rooms. Here’s what you need to know about turning your field sales reps into dynamic sales individuals who can handle in-person and digital selling.

Getting The Right Digital Sales Reps

Tip 1: The 5 Phases

Successfully equipping field sales with digital sales rooms can be accomplished with the following five phases:

      1. Mindset: Field sales reps should recognize the importance of the digital sales experience and understand – or be willing to learn – online buying habits.

      2. Brand: Reps need appropriate online presences that convey expertise and drive prospects to engage.

      3. Prospect: Sales individuals should share information online that solves buyer personas’ problems. From there, they should connect with people and try to turn every online conversation into an offline connection.

      4. Feed: Reps must regularly provide valuable online content that helps their network and creates further engagement.

      5. Frequency: Reps need a regular cadence for digital selling activities; ideally, there are daily, weekly, and monthly steps.

The way these phases are applied depends on your industry, but field reps who embrace the above are most likely to succeed in the digital transition.

Tip 2: Find Sales Reps Who Are Already Online

The sales reps requiring the least training when given digital sales capabilities are those already online. These professionals already embrace the five phases above through an engaging social media presence and regular updates to their network.

Hiring digitally fluent field reps moving forward who understand the digital buying experience will make equipping field sales with online capabilities much smoother.

If some field reps are struggling with virtual sales, ask digitally fluent reps to help.

Tip 3: Sales Should Work Cross-Functionally

Especially when giving field sales digital capabilities, sales reps cannot work in a silo. They should interact with various parts of the company, from marketing to operations, to gather information on buyer perspectives and operate most efficiently in an online-first world.

Preparing For Digital Sales

Tip 1: Buyer Personas

Digital buyers can be different from in-person buyers. It’s essential to understand these online buyer personas and map them out.

Buyer personas for digital should include similar attributes as those for in-person, such as:

     1. Titles

      2. Relevant pain points

      3. Age

      4. Location

      5. Gender

      6. Interests

      7. Income

These personas provide insights into what people search for online and how best to approach them.

Tip 2: Digital Sales Content

Digital sales experiences mean developing content for everyone in every phase of the sales journey, from awareness to consideration to purchasing. 

Your digital content should be a unique resource tailored to an individual’s buying phase. Content can provide valuable tips, solve pain points, teach buyers to avoid certain pitfalls, or define concepts.

Tip 3: The Right Software

The software you choose to host your digital sales experience underpins the entire operation's success. Your digital sales software should allow you to host the online selling experience under one roof. Customers need to be able to access all information and answer questions, keeping operations efficient.

Dealintent is a leading digital sales room software that helps your reps save time and sell more, all while simplifying your customers’ buying experiences. Contact us today!

Carrying Out Digital Sales Strategies

Tip 1: Let Clients Know

If they aren’t already, make clients aware of your digital transition. 

According to McKinsey, around two-thirds of buyers in 2021 preferred digital or remote-human sales experiences over in-person ones. 

This stat means your digital transition should appease roughly two-thirds of buyers immediately. However, it’s crucial to emphasize that traditional sales are here to stay; you’re simply enhancing them with digital.

Tip 2: Weekly Meetings

For field sales reps, transitioning to using digital sales rooms can be challenging. Scheduling weekly check-ins where you review performance and answer questions helps keep reps accountable and on track.

These meetings aim to reinforce successful behavior and address areas for improvement in a timely manner.

Tip 3: Gather and Analyze Data

One of the most significant benefits of digital is that everything can be tracked and analyzed. The digital sales platform you choose should collect data from all steps of the sales experience and offer insights on how you can improve.

Dealintent offers in-depth analytics to help sales reps identify high-quality leads and understand which content performs the best. This data means sales professionals can focus their time on what converts. Contact us today.

Digital Sales Are The Future

Digital sales are here to stay; the transition can be challenging, but it’s critical. Providing field reps with digital sales rooms will appeal to more buyers and streamline operations.

Properly equipping in-person sales means preparing your field reps, having buyer personas and content mapped in advance, using the right software, and properly carrying out digital strategies.

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