How to Create Highly Targeted Content for Your Prospects with AI-Driven Buyer Personas

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Sales teams are always looking for ways to better target their content and messages to buyers. 

You could even see sales as a process of constantly improving content and messaging to suit the ever-evolving needs of your buyers. However, if you don’t know who those buyers are or what they’re looking for, how can you ever hope to get your content aligned with their desires?

Enter buyer personas.

Used by 44% of B2B marketers, taking the time to create buyer personas allows your sales teams to create hyper-personalized content that resonates with every single one of your prospects with ease.

Of course, this can be a resource-intensive process, but that’s why we’re talking about it today. We’re talking about creating, optimizing, and making the most of modern AI tools to help ensure your buyer personas are the best they can be.

So, when you're ready to start taking your buyer personas seriously, let's jump in.

What are the benefits of using buyer personas in B2B sales?

Knowledge is power. 

An age-old saying that is especially the case when it comes to B2B sales.

When you take time to understand your buyer and really dive into their wants and needs, you understand what they're looking for. You have clarity of what their pain points are, the reservations they have, and a new understanding of what you need to do to address them.

However, looking at each prospect in this much detail can take so much time. When you factor in that some prospects are more engaged than others, then there’s a huge risk of you wasting your time.

Instead of trying to gain an in-depth understanding of every prospect individually, savvy sales reps are using the modern approach of implementing buyer personas to optimize their strategies efficiently. 

Incorporating a comprehensive buyer persona into your sales process enables you to craft a tailored pitch that responds directly to the buyer's unique needs and pain points. 

This means every prospect that comes along; you can simply categorize them with the closest match buyer persona you've created and you’ll see everything you need to know.

Your sales teams then have access to all the data and resources that can help engage that buyer more effectively.

Thus, you can generate more sales!

Bringing all this together, it’s easy to see that using buyer personas is an essential sales strategy, and the statistics prove it works.

For example, 82% of companies that reported using buyer personas state it helps them create an improved value proposition. 

Businesses that decided to create entire persona-driven websites are reportedly two to five times more effective and easier to use in the eyes of their intended users.

When you throw AI into this process to create your buyer personas using large volumes of immersive data, you enjoy benefits like;

- A sales platform that learns to become more effective the more you use it

- Access to tons of data on the fly

- Detailed organization of all your content and documentation for rapid access 

- The ability to create hyper-personalized content for each persona in minutes

With the help of Dealintent's AI tool, you can create more personal interactions with each customer and dramatically increase conversion rates. 

Never before have buyer personas been so effective.

How to Create Buyer Personas with AI-Driven Insights

If you're in charge of B2B sales, you know that understanding the buyer is key to success- but it can be challenging to gain the insights you need.

When you consider that marketers could have anywhere between one and 20 buyer personas at any one time, then it can feel a little stressful trying to figure out how you’re going to put everything together.

Thankfully, emerging AI technology makes things a whole lot easier. 

Let's break this down.

With Dealintent, you have access to digital sales rooms.

These are online spaces where your sales team and buyers can log in and see everything they need to know regarding your products and services. This is far more effective than traditional emailing threads that get forgotten about or phone calls that feel too generic and old-school.

Instead, this is an optimized digital space where buyers can browse at their own pace or be engaged by sales reps when required.

This is where the AI comes in.

Let's say your digital sales room is filled with content like brochures, articles, videos, tutorials, and your engaging sales reps. 

Your buyers will engage with what they want and what they find interesting. As with all buyers, they're looking for content that helps them address any pain points or reservations they have about using your product or service.

These are problems like;

- A difficult onboarding process

- A complex UI or experience

- High pricing structures

- Concerns that a competitor does the job better

- A lack of support

- Not enough features

Alleviate the problems, and you'll guarantee a sale.

As your buyers interact with content like this, the Dealintent AI system tracks everything. Every buyer and every interaction. This data is then used to create buyer personas that detail what type of prospect a buyer is, their reservations, and how engaged they are.

The AI can then develop content with the assistance of your sales rep, who can then engage the prospect and alleviate that issue.

This ensures your reps save time by focusing their resources on the best opportunities (the most engaged buyers) and solving their concerns quickly. It’s one of the best ways to improve sales productivity and increase your B2B sales conversions rates.

Say a buyer is concerned that the price is too high. 

Dealintent notifies your sales team and presents a content template that explains why the current price is good value for money, backed up by statistics that show that the ROI of your service is worthwhile.

Sales reps can use this content to quickly engage the buyer and address the concern.

After all, 75% of B2B buyers say that the content they showed had a significant impact on their buying decisions, so what you’re putting out there matters!

This is modern sales at its best, and it's by far one of the most effective ways to upgrade your sales. 

With a sales enablement tool like Dealintent, you can quickly and easily create highly personalized buyer personas by harnessing the power of AI-driven insights. 

The data provided will give you uncanny insight into who your buyers are and how best to engage with them for successful relationships and sales. 

Applying Buyer Persona Data in Content Creation

Creating content for buyers that speaks to their needs can be a challenge. It's time-consuming and inconsistent, and if a buyer was never truly engaged, it could be a colossal waste of resources.

Using buyer persona data to create personalized and targeted content is the key to successful B2B sales, a process made far more effective using AI sales tools. 

By leveraging Dealintent, sales teams can delve into their customer's interests and behaviors, then tailor content to those precise insights for truly hyper-personalized offers. 

Whether you're targeting one person or an entire company, having detailed buyer persona data in hand will make creating content so much easier and more effective.

Measuring the Success of Your Persona-Based Sales Strategy

Now, here's the twist. 

How often do you analyze and evaluate your sales team's effectiveness with the strategies they're using? 

Probably all the time to be honest. 

However, how accurate your evaluations are is a whole different ball game.

In sales, there's such a large amount of data flowing in and out it can be near-on impossible to identify what tactics are working and why just using the human, error-prone mind.

We're only human, after all. 

And we're sure you see where this is going.

Having insight into how your buyer personas are consuming your content can make all the difference when you want to optimize and personalize it further. You can identify what works, double down on your approach, determine what tactics and content aren't working, and tweak to improve it or disregard the approach altogether.

Using AI sales tools, you can make this process easy. Since Dealintent is monitoring every interaction all the time, you gain a large quantity of invaluable data that can help you track how successful each persona-based piece of content has been. 

Plus, by combining powerful AI algorithms with predictive analytics, Dealintent provides you with valuable insights about what kind of content or topics resonate best with each buyer persona - allowing for an even more efficient and effective content marketing strategy!


As you can see, whether you're just getting started with buyer personas or are a seasoned pro, no doubt using an AI tool by your side can help you really optimize the way you do things.

This leads to a better buyer experience, more active sales reps, and more confirmed sales.

With our AI-powered platform, you can quickly and easily create personalized content that will get your buyers to commit to investing in what you have to offer. So why wait? 

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