All About Digital Sales Rooms: Creating The Perfect Online Sales Experience

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The B2B sales experience underwent some profound changes. McKinsey found that 80% of buyers now prefer virtual experiences. But how do you create a simple, unified buying experience online? 

Digital sales rooms are the answer. Here’s everything you need to know about creating collaborative and successful buyer experiences with digital sales rooms.

What Is a Digital Sales Room?

Digital sales rooms are online spaces that allow companies to share sales content with their buyers all in one synchronized space. Relevant content can include quotes, proposals, contracts, blogs, and other online assets supporting a prospect’s buying decision.

Notably, digital sales rooms allow for the timely and relevant distribution of materials, enabling purchasing decisions without requiring prospects to dig through communications for information.

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Why Use a Digital Sales Room? 

Here are 5 benefits of digital sales rooms to help you evaluate their use for your organization. 

Benefit 1: Collaboration

The sales process is dynamic and often requires significant collaboration between buyer and seller. Digital sales rooms capture this communication in one location to allow for the timely presentation of resources. Creating a mutual action plan. The benefits of having a mutual action plan in b2b sales) in a digital sales room is a great way for b2b sales team members to offer a consensual buying experience to customers.

Further, digital sales rooms track and analyze buyer engagement, providing insights that allow sales representatives to better support prospects’ decisions.

Benefit 2: It’s What People Want

Digital sales rooms make the buying process easier for both sellers and prospects. 

Today’s digital age means buyers can get information on your services from various channels: social media, website, email, etc. Putting all this information under one roof makes decision-making more manageable and minimizes back and forth.

Benefit 3: Hyper-Personalization

The best sales reps will tell you that personalization is key to closing any deal. Digital sales rooms track and analyze buyer activity to help you send relevant information when needed. 

Further, your digital sales room should allow prospects to connect easily with the appropriate sales rep whenever they have questions or want to move forward. Dealintent offers AI based personality insights to tailor the sales content to the buyer personality.

Benefit 4: Convenience and Scale

A substantial benefit of digital sales rooms is their convenience for companies. Unifying the sales process with one platform eliminates needless back-and-forth and helps reps close deals faster. 

The seamlessness of digital sales rooms means your company can scale faster by reducing friction and allowing sales reps to be more efficient with their time.

Benefit 5: Accelerating The Sales Cycle

All the benefits discussed here ultimately feed into one outcome: accelerating the sales cycle.

With better convenience, collaboration, and personalization, buyers will find it easier to purchase from you. Sales reps won’t be plagued with inefficient communication and can close more deals.

Creating the Perfect Digital Sales Experience

Here’s how to make the most of your digital sales rooms to bolster the buying experience.

  1. Branded Content

Sending timely and relevant branded content will help sales reps close deals faster – design content for every audience and every stage of the sales process. 

Some examples of branded content include:

     1. Case studies

     2. Infographics

     3. Short videos explaining key concepts

     4. Documentaries

     5. Blog posts

     6. Podcasts

Importantly, this content helps boost your company’s awareness and demonstrates to prospects why buying from you is the best decision.

  1. Unification

Digital sales rooms act as a central information hub and keep the sales process under one roof. 

Unification helps buyers in the following ways:

     - Access content in one place rather than digging through emails

     - More easily get in contact with sales reps

     - Request additional information

     - Invite team members to the salesroom for decision-making

Unification helps sellers in the following ways:

     - Send ready-made content after calls

     - Analyze which assets work best

     - Focus on high-intent leads

     - Spend less time on back-and-forth communications

In a nutshell, digital sales rooms reduce friction and make the sales process smarter for buyers and sellers. It doesn't take much to integrate a digital sales rooms into your existing sales and marketing strategy.

  1. Human Connection

A personalized touch is essential, arguably even more so in the virtual environment. McKinsey found that companies using a human connection in digital sales receive twice the return for shareholders.

Digital sales rooms allow sellers to create personalized video greetings, offer face-to-face time for questions, and better communicate with sales reps.

Part of this human connection comes from sending hyper-personalized content relevant to your prospect. You can create personalized videos that explain your content and allow leads to dive right in.

  1. Convenience

The ultimate goal of digital sales rooms is convenience. 

Getting everyone on the same page is complex with disjointed emails and phone calls; digital sales rooms solve that problem. They minimize needless back and forth and allow prospects to answer questions through pre-produced content. 

Which Platform Should You Use?

There are a few criteria to look for when evaluating digital sales rooms:

     - Omnichannel buying and selling experience – everything must be on that one platform

     - Data tracking and analytics to show sales teams which content works best and which leads are the strongest

     - All content made available for leads on the platform

     - Match leads to sales reps based on persona

     - UI/UX that’s extremely easy to navigate but accomplishes what you need

     - Try-before-you-buy option

     - Made by sales professionals who understand your needs

Dealintent meets all these criteria and offers you best-in-class digital sales experiences that are sure to close more deals. The value proposition of using Dealintent digital sales rooms becomes even higher if you run a remote organization with a remote sales team.

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