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Save your precious sales time time and effort by focusing their efforts on the high intent deals that are the most likely to convert
Improve b2b sales team efficiency with Dealintent digital sales rooms

Deal with the right leads, faster.

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AI Personality Insights

Uncover your buyers personality traits with artificial intelligence. Communicate and share content based on their personality traits
  • Use for text and video messages
  • Tweak follow up timing and tonality to suit personality
  • Curate content to match personality type

Mutual Action Plan

Easily create and share mutual action plans to keep the seller an buyer aligned on the buying process
  • Align on tasks, milestones  and timelines
  • Collaborate with team members and stakeholders
  • Identify and engage influencers

Content Hub

Access the latest and most relevant content to share with deals. Add the latest and most relevant content from Google drive, browse and upload or create new
  • Add from Google drive, upload or create with content builder
  • Identify the top converting content to share
  • Measure engagement level for content shared
Identify high intent deals for accurate sales forecasting with Dealintent


Visual insights into the deals in your CRM pipeline. Get detailed insights into engagement stats like duration of views, times viewed, location viewed from, stakeholders added, mutual action items completed and more
  • Insights time spent on content
  • Insights on times visited
  • Insights on stakeholders added


Integrate with your favourite products in minutes with just a few clicks
Dealintent integration with ACT CRM
Active Campaign
Dealintent integration with Mask CRM
Dealintent integration with Hubspot CRM
Microsoft Dynamics
Dealintent integration with Salesforce CRM
Zendesk Sell
Dealintent integration with Zoho CRM
Zoho CRM